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Incredible Pizza Company – In the fall of 2007, the Incredible Pizza Company was launched. Rick and Cheryl Barsness founded the Incredible Pizza business in order to donate proceeds to the missionaries and orphanages.

Incredible Pizza Company – In the fall of 2007, this company was launched. Rick and Cheryl Barsness founded the Incredible Pizza Company in order to donate proceeds to the missionaries and orphanages. America’s Incredible Pizza Co is based in Missouri and its headquarters are to be found in Springfield. The venture was started with a single restaurant in Victoria.

In 1975 it owned a franchise of Gatti’s Pizza. The number of employees who are working for the Incredible Pizza Co is 1200. The music that is played and the interior decoration have the 1950s theme. America’s Incredible Pizza offers buffet style pasta, salad and pizza.

Format and locations of Incredible Pizza Company

There are different seats that are arranged for the customers to sit and eat. The Incredible Pizza Company has 30 different types of pizzas and 80 items in their salad bar. The Incredible Pizza Company is a smoke-free and also alcohol free restaurant. The locations are in the south west central part of the United States of America and also Mexico. Incredible Pizza Co has more than 100 interactive video games in the restaurant for the benefit of gaming enthusiasts. As per the name of the company the venue offers an extensive range of delicious options in terms of pizza and other treats.

Incredible Pizza Company plans to build 2 restaurants in Mexico every year till the year 2017. It has 73 franchise locations in the United States and Mexico. In the United States itself Incredible Pizza has 6 locations in different places like Oklahoma, Springfield, Missouri, Illinois, Tulsa and one more in Springfield. On the whole this company has 15 locations altogether. It costs $ 5 – $9 million to start a restaurant. Birthday parties can be celebrated in these restaurants where you will be given a birthday room and served buffet lunch and drink.

History of Incredible Pizza Company

The idea for Incredible Pizza came from the founder Rick Barsness. When he was a hockey player in high school his school team reached the championship finals but his father never came to attend his game. His father’s absence made him feel very bad as his childhood dream was to live in a place where all the families could sit together to eat and have fun under one roof. That wish of spending time with his father brought about the idea of opening the Pizza Company where people could spend some time together.

Incredible Pizza Company 2011

In 2003, after the years of battle Rick Barsness agreed to pay Mr.Gatti one million dollars in regards to settlement. Mr. Gatti charged Barsness with violating his franchise contract. Besides one million dollars Barsness also promised to pay Mr. Gatti one percent of the net sales amount of the Incredible Pizza Co over the next ten years. That is when the Incredible Pizza Co headquarters was being established in Tulsa Oklahoma in 2003. Later its headquarters were shifted to Springfield Missouri in 2009. It is now a famous place that is known for its incredible pizzas. Incredible Pizza Company

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